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by Animals In Human Attire

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Antfarm 04:31
i caught you digging for a home in your garden shoes tell me how are you going to find what you could never lose is it hammered in your head there's no choice to choose or is it feeling like the right way now is feeling like the right way now i saw you looking at your feet just like an ant and the matter at your mind would seem to chant you go where you gotta go and you never loo back it seems that your choice was clear it seems that your choice was clear now your leaving this hole for another home tell me tell me whats the reason for your shoeless soul (sole) if your getting your whole for another ones half it could seem that your point was clear and it is feeling like the right way now woo hum a little tune for the working class as we were steeping to the clock work beat i'm aching in the head from the summer heat as i'm dreaming of an awkward sea bloody in the eyes from a paper cheat as i'm walking downtown to the burning streets bloody in the eyes from a paper cheat as i'm dreaming of the awkward sea with 6 less hours than i had before i'm stepping out on the floor well i can take it like a man i heard someone say but maybe that's just his way cause i cant stand to stand and i don't want to sit and its another indecisive display i couldn't take it like a man i heard someone say well maybe that's just his way maybe that's just the way maybe there is no way cause i'm a boy you're a man that's the difference that i see that's the difference in us now i'm a boy you are a “man” i take risks while you've got a plan that's the difference that i see woo
i came up fer a different point of view and every step among the mountain had its own danger shadows hiding in recluse i could have easily just went and slipped the noose but i came upon a mountain dwelling group who held the feathers of the eagles in there hearts gave me some advice said try and watch the ice and you will hold your ground just fine you’ve gotta think just like an eagle to live like the wind you gotta live just like the wind to be an eagle yerp i came across a lion stuck down in a hole who said “i used to be incredible” but then one day i fell down in this hole and now im careless and im useless and yer next! so i reached my hand down and tried to help him out he almost took my hand right off so took off on him and as i walked away from him i got down on my hands and i felt my wrinkles were growing deeper the mountain had turned to sand and i couldn’t move then i sank down to the bottom of the sea and neptune said god dammit jack you play the best guitar ive ever seen, but you live in a dream you live in a dream you live in dream you live in a dream and YOU’VE STILL GOT A MOUNTAIN TO CLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMB!!!
Sun Machines 05:44
dwellers that have civilized built machines and realized they took the sun from all our eyes and there is no need for the real light robots that then civilized raped the land till none survived and there is no need for them to do anything anymore they civilize to destroy make us rebuild it so everything is right in there eyes to destroy make us rebuild cause nothing is ever right in there eyes nothing is ever right in there eyes sun machines up in the sky giving life to those who died in the trading winds our names got carried away un-stitched our skin and sewn into uniform ready for the war blood remains right where we stand the wars we fought upon these lands its our hands to keep this out of their hands with extinction near and i’m still alive somehow i do anything and everything just to survive on the clock that floats in the sky its coming in hard and so everyone just runs for their lives everyone just runs for their lives yeah i ran like hell straight for the hell sands as god cut the tourniquet the ocean had covered the land at the bottom i saw the faces of the people and some dirty little corpses communed with the steeple as god gave advice he said my only advice is don’t take my advice i cant take myself seriously now that is why I’m stuck on the sea
Wind Waker 05:39
ascending the storm was the face of the sky turning doves into dust as they lay to to die i’m stoned at the shrine under slandering eyes as i’m trying to shine on the time holding sand in my glass hammered eyes with a heart to withstand the snow in my hands had a higher demand than the clothing i wore i did not understand that my pockets had filled with sand as time shattered to rain and i conversed with the moon to explain that the river is my name and i know that I’m not afraid today but i fear what the tide of tomorrow brings my way his face to the storm and his back to the sea the moon turns over impressed that you made it this far and she knows and can see how your still afraid that if the weight of your heavy prediction goes unchanged and remains unnamed you can see that the truth is you and everything that makes it you so people never die they will only change. as time shattered to rain and i conversed with the moon to explain that the river is my name i know that im not afraid today but i still fear what the tide of tomorrow brings my way
Hell 03:58
just last night i awoke from some different version of hell and i walked outside i swear i could smell a fire from the weapons of mass desire which you cradled in your hands so sweetly the idea like your higher on the scale than your typical liar a typical liar a typical liar your the typical kind and baby the way that you’ve been singing the blues i’ve got a feeling this could take all night and don’t deny that every second you lose has been intelligent by design don’t deny don’t deny OoOoOoO i appreciate the efforts in your clever schemes but don’t mind me i’m known to hide in signs of danger im more accustomed to the ways of the stranger but i gave my position away and piece by piece you went and sank me to the bottom f the lake and you now you watch me as i scatter its time you learned that i was not fake i’m just me and i’m skeptical cause your tricks are getting old so could we take off all of clothes because id rather see your flaws than yer so called perfection cause you crafted that field of smoke just like a dream and you blacked out the sky and seems you made a curtain for every eye to hide the truth from them and though we never really made a difference does anybody ever make a difference i just fail to see the connection of what is seen and what is read between the lines and now i’m just a singer of the blues oh no we have nothing in common you are not a singer of the blues oh no we have nothing in common and maybe one day you’ll see if anything was meant to be the right way its wrong then and if that day is someday soon well i just hope that i can say I’m right then right now with my bad luck and a tough crowd ill be dreaming my name out over the sea
from the military’s point of view we were just animals in ancient catalytic designs they arrived on time and got me wrong and crossed the line too many times so many times i think we toppled the barriers which beat my heart just like drum becoming of the personality where one will die another survives i’m still alive and just in time to meet up with the cavalry and fight to the death forever more now the winters on its way its safer to send all of my summertime relations to the back of mind they are the same kind and what a shamed crime they’re just talking bout the end of the world were only humans humans in the summer but beasts by the winter beasts by the winter uh huh yeah what goes up must come down what goes up will come down someday soon whats been wrapped up in a line takes a little time fore the truth don’t show on these uncommon grounds no they don’t and someday soon even the moon will put a hole in the ground you struggle like an animal joined together at the waist with different intentions you speak in fire and ice and we were warming up the weather whenever we get it right hot cold i miss the ocean yeah? no? i miss the ocean oh god dammit how i miss the ocean
Cathexis 05:38
i was only waiting for the proper time to tell you that i have been away its been awhile since i have seen a bright day the sun has looked me in the eye and said my friends are ok but as for now where I lay I’m getting comfortable in my mind in my mind i feel fine so i shut up and wait on the wind to change my mind was never a sin shut up and wait on the wind to change my mind was never a sin the clock is not a friend don’t take advice from something stuck to a wall i’m not upset you didn’t call me last night why do i have to think about everything your talking about its that i mind its just that im comfortable in my mind in my mind i’m out of my mind wake up and deal wit the change to lose your ways is to lose your name wake up and deal with the change to lose your name is to lose your ways


The arrival of Ourmegadawn has been a long time coming. Despite frequent appearances in Riverwest and the general Milwaukee area, Ourmegadawn is the first proper album since Animals In Human Attire's 2011 self-titled outing.

Members of the band spread their talents amongst various local acts (including The Lousy Trouts, Myles Coyne & The Rusty Nickel Band, The Zelda Routine, Soul Low, and Conundrum), but this specific arrangement of BREADKING frequenters drives a particular sound with vocals by Jack Tell steering the ensemble.

Beyond all else, Ourmegadawn is fun. It's eight tracks of head-bobbing, folk-informed indie rock, and like all things BREADKING, Animals In Human Attire takes a punk approach to the whole album.


released April 11, 2014

The Players:
Jack Tell: Electric + Acoustic Guitar, Bango, Vocals
Myles Coyne: Bass, Back Vocals
Nathan Toth: Synth, Keyboards, and Piano
Charlie Celenza: Drums and Percussion
Alex Klosterman: Lead Guitar
Justin Miller Auxiliary Percussion, Pots and Pans
Justin Zander: Additional Lead Guitar
Cassidy DW: Cowbell

Lyrics and songs written by Jack Tell.
Music by Animals in Human Attire.
Management: Jake Skuggs.

Recorded and mixed at Howl Street Recordings by Shane Hochstetler. Mastered by Carl Saff. Album art by Jack Tell.

A note from AIHA:

I speak for all of us when I say how great it feels to finally have this album released. It's been an incredible learning experience and an incredibly crazy time thus far. We thank the following...

BREADKING COLLECTIVE!! Steve Roche, Eliot Sell, Tyler Maas, Piet Levy, Chris Thunder, Jim Linneman and Linneman's Riverwest Inn, JoJo, Cassidy DW, Shane Hoschettler, Carl Saff, Rob Hickey, John Van Lieshout, Danielle Hanson, Vic Buell, Al Kraemer, Fun TV, Calliope, John Praw, Ugly Brothers, Caley Conway and the Lucy Cukes, Midwest Death Rattle, 88.9, Wade's Guitar Shop, ANYONE WHO PLAYS ZELDA! Wesley Cathon, Bridgette McQuillan, Jamie Yanda, John Larkin, Brandon Miller, TJ Matzen, Soul Low, Shoot Down the Moon, Ugly Brothers, Fatty Acids, Hotel Foster, 91.7 WMSE, Yield Bar, Mine All Mine Records, Pushmi-Pullyu, Foo, D'amato, Dan Mitchell, KASEN RUMPFFFF!!!! MIKE SWAN!!! All our friends at the Frantey Estate.

A special thanks to the moon and gravity (without it, this would have been a lot harder to accomplish), Han Solo, Guitar Solos, Luke Skywalker, early Weezer, THE CITY OF MILWAUKEE!!! Our neighbors and everyone who's ever played at our house or came to a show, all of our close friends, family and everyone else who has given us support over the years. Your love means everything to us.

Charlie Tell, Micheal Tell and Peter Tell, thank you for being my little bros and our biggest supporters of all. You're the best.


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